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Paola Romero Fernandez

Dr. Paola Romero Fernandez

First of all send greetings and strong hug to all our followers, I am Paola Romero Fernández I am Mexican, I am 25 years old I am currently a social service doctor, next to headline … When I met the concept of MD-Student.com it was already a reality, a great palette of results, many endless hours of work, between programming and study, but above all the conviction of creating something useful to the medical community.

The engine and main dream of its creator Juan Sebastian Guarin, is to achieve a source of sustainable information of Spanish speech with international recognition, that is why I admire this project and today I am part of it, because to be part of something or feel with belonging, something must impel us in life, I want to share this emotion with you and I hope to be able to infect them to collaborate to grow together, to recognize Hispanics as people capable of creating reliable and enriching sources.

Thank you for being part of MD-Student.com …. Write us